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Benefits of Dog Walking

We know that it is beneficial for humans to exercise…so it would make sense that it’s the same for our canine family members.  Here are five health benefits of dog walking.

1.  Dog walking helps with weight control. An overweight pet is not a healthy pet.  A dog that's at a healthy weight can live about two years longer than overweight dogs. 


2.  Dog walking also helps the digestive system. This can relieve issues your pet may have with constipation. Many dogs that don’t get enough exercise can have issues with constipation.

3.  No one wants a destructive dog. Boredom can cause this kind of behavior. Dog walking can help with those destructive tendencies. Chances are that over some time and with consistency, dog walking will help that behavior go away; at the very least, significantly decrease. Metro Pup SA knows that our client's schedules are busy so consider investing in Metro Pup SA dog walking to provide you and your pet happiness.


4.  Dog walking also allows for your pooch to be out and about and socialize with the the sights, sounds, fresh air in San Antonio; this provides an opportunity for your dog to become familiar with their surroundings. As a professional dog walker in San Antonio, I typically don’t let dogs in my care interact with other dogs or people (for safety reasons), but going on dog walks gives dogs the chance to be dogs. So you can expect your beloved dog to get lots of sniffs and fresh air. Metro Pup SA Dog Walking & Pet Sitting is committed to the health and safety of your beloved dog.

Dog Walking San Antonio Dog Sitting Metro Pup SA

5.  Dog walking also provides your pooch with lots of mental stimulation. Whether it's a squirrel running across the sidewalk, a child playing in the yard, or a dog barking across the road. Your dog's ability to resist reacting to these temptations is definitely decreased. I've personally cared for several dogs over the years that started out reactive, but over some time, they were able to almost completely ignore these sights and sounds. 

Metro Pup SA Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional dog walking and pet sitting services to: Southtown, Lavaca, SoFlo, Midtown, King William, Olmos Park, Monte Vista, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Tobin Hill,  and Downtown San Antonio 78201, 78202, 78203, 78208 78209, 78205, 78215, 78204, 78210, 78212; our dog walkers & pet sitters can service other areas too for in-home overnight pet care. Some zip codes may not completely be serviced by Metro Pup SA. 

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